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same great service

You're not in the wrong place!! When I started Automation Destination back in 2015, technology was not as easy as today! Alexa, Siri, Nest and other companies have made home automation a DIY project nowadays. So, we had to make a change. We still offer the same great customer service and audio/video installations we have been known for, but we have expanded into the commercial sector as well. What does this mean for you? It just means that we are still open for business and still able to handle all your residential projects! Please hit the contact button below to send us a message, or you can call/text me directly at 832-492-5183

-Dan Penny

Owner/Lead Installer


Structured Cabling

Cat5e & Cat6 Cabling are the most common type of computer and data cabling. It is used in nearly every modern commercial building for connecting computers, phones, printers and more to the company network or LAN.


Fiber Optic Cabling

Fibre Optic cabling provides much greater bandwidth than copper and is typically used distances beyond the 90 meter copper cable limit or for backbone connections between local network equipment.


Wireless Networking

Wi-Fi refers to a set of standards, which set the specifications for transmitting data on a wireless network. Wireless networks avoid the costly process of installing new cables in a building, or connections between various equipment locations.


Conference Room A/V

Our core competency is corporate audio visual system design and installation. We utilizes the latest technologies to streamline communications through audio and visual capabilities in corporate video conference rooms, executive boardrooms, lobbies and employee meeting spaces.


Restaurant/Bar A/V

We understand what it takes to stand out with Audio Video in the entertainment, sports, food and beverage industry. Our audio visual solutions use the latest high-end technologies to create an interactive experience for your patrons to keep them entertained and coming back for more.


Retail A/V

Improve the customer experience and capture new shoppers with a custom audio visual solutions. Our team of designers and technicians can build a comprehensive audio visual solution that allows you to advertise to shoppers, as you entertain them and create a welcoming shopping experience.